Every Saturday, Sunday and Holiday, the Asociación Feria de Anticuarios (Association Showroom of Antiquaries), offers you a display of almost 70 stands, granting you and your family a pretext to visit the most interesting exhibition in the elegant North area of Buenos Aires, where you can find antiques, rare art objects and curiosities.A different leisure proposal beneath a leafy grove, surrounded by the best residences of Acassuso, with the Río de la Plata at close range, along with the good disposition of our associates and the convenient prices that have become the trademark of our exhibition, altogether encourage the visitor to discover "the rare finding" that you have been longing for and surely deserve.Be it a sulky carriage or a warlike object from World War I, and old silver platter or a delicate Limoges chinaware, an ancient clock or a state-of-the-art telephone, everything can be found during a visit to our stands.We are people who cherish what we do. We are people with expertise and disposition to give a witty advise. We are people dedicated to sell and in our premises, you can also sell and thus renew your belongings.